Board of Directors Meeting

Event Details

Event Date

Draft Agenda
8:30 to 11:30 a.m.

1. Corporate Business
• Acknowledge Antitrust Compliance Statement
• Approve July Meeting Notes
• PNUCC Member News

2. Emerging Issue
Top-of-mind issues not otherwise on the agenda, including any follow up to the July 9th Wildfire Roundtable.

3. Handling Heat Dome Load – Lessons Learned
The Board and members discuss lessons learned during the end of June heat dome event..4.

4. Council Power Plan Discussion
Council Power Division Director, Ben Kujala, is invited for a conversation regarding the most recent findings of zero to minimal loss of load probability and the broader implications.

5. Pioneering the 21st Century
Grant PUD Financial Risk Manager, Paul Dietz, will join the Board to share their “real options” approach to evaluating potential new generating resources.

6. Executive Director’s Report
Time permitting