Plugging into Natural Gas 2012 Energy Summit - January 25, 2012

PNUCC joined with BPA, the Northwest Gas Association and hundreds of participants at this gather to explore what it means for both industries as natural gas becomes the fuel of choice for planned new generation.  The day's agenda follows with links to each of the presentations.


1. Welcome and Context


2. State of Natural Gas and Electricity in the Northwest

        Dick Adams, PNUCC                             (presentation)

        Dan Kirschner, NW Gas Association      (presentation)


3. Recent Challenges

    Northwest Gas System December 2009 Experience

        Clay Riding, Puget Sound Energy             (presentation)

    Texas-New Mexico February 2011 Event      (presentation)

        Heather Polzin, FERC Office of Enforcement

        Earl Shockley, NERC Director of Investigations


4. Federal Regulatory Perspective

        Phil Moeller, FERC Commissioner


5. Implications of Natural Gas and Electricity Convergence

        Catherine Elder, Aspen Environmental     (presentation)


6. Integrating Renewables using Natural Gas

        Leonard Crook, ICF International            (presentation)


7. Regional Developers’ Views

        Malcolm McLellan, Van Ness Feldman   (presentation)


8. CEO Perspectives for Moving Forward

        Moderator – Steve Wright, BPA Administrator

        Allison Bridges, Williams NW Pipeline     (presentation)

        Gregg Kantor, NW Natural                    (presentation)

        Scott Morris, Avista Utilities                  (presentation)

        Jim Piro, Portland General Electric


Background Information


        Speaker Biographies

        Literature Review