Our mission

Bringing the power of good ideas together to assist PNUCC members in fulfilling their company missions in this ever changing electric industry.

PNUCC's mission is accomplished by providing the:

  • Searchlight for changes that will have a significant impact on how our industry does business in the future
  • Catalyst for examining issues that impact a significant portion of its membership
  • Forum for dialogue on policy issues of regional importance
  • Hub for technical analysis and data on vital Northwest power industry issues
  • Nexus for educating the region on the realities of the current and future challenges of the electric power industry



PNUCC (Pacific Northwest Utilities Conference Committee) was formed in 1946 as a voluntary, informal organization of public and private utilities to assess regional power supply in the West Group Forecast and to support federal appropriations for power projects in the region.

In 1971 the direct service industries became members and working committees were established. A central staff was added in 1979. PNUCC provided a forum for the coordination of resource planning efforts and developed tools and methods for load and resource analyses.

In 1980, PNUCC became actively involved in planning efforts and in analysis and evaluation of proposed NW Power Planning Council and BPA programs and policy decisions. In January 1986, PNUCC was incorporated under Oregon law as a nonprofit corporation.

In the 1980s and early 1990s, PNUCC has been a central and strong voice for the utility industry in the areas of river operations, salmon recovery and resource planning.