Power System Trends

Welcome to the PNUCC Power System Trends page. Our goal is to share historical information and examine data trends related to the Northwest power system that are of interest to PNUCC members and others.

The PowerPoint and Excel files below provide information on the everchanging Northwest power system. The slides can be used for informational purposes, or individual elements can be pulled out for use in other slide decks. The notes section of the slides contain descriptions of the graphs and additional information. Select data are provided in Excel files for creating additional charts, other data are available upon request.

Let PNUCC staff know if you have questions or a request for specific charts or data. The slides and data will be updated as new data roll in, so make sure to note the date stamp on each slide.

Load & temperature trends in the Northwest

Slides and data

Generating resource trends 

Slides and data

Power market indicators & intertie trends