Annual Meeting 2021

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2021 Power of Connection Awards

As is tradition, PNUCC acknowledges individuals at the Annual Meeting for their contributions to the organization and the greater Northwest electric power industry. While the awards are presented with some levity, they are given with much sincerity and appreciation.

Connect-the-Dots Award: Kevin Nordt   

For your ability to grasp the grandest of concepts and associate one idea to another. You help others see the big picture and ably assimilate masses of data to connect-the-dots for others to understand and learn from. Your innate abilities help solve the greater regional industry issues and see through the distractions. You are a leader among us.

Very Plugged In Award: Mark Holman

To acknowledge how well informed, connected, current and engaged you have been on subject matters dominated by resource adequacy and future market structures for the Pacific Northwest. No matter where we turned in 2021 you were there. You have been very plugged in and have a remarkable grasp of the implications of the highest priority issues along with the ability to engage stakeholders to understand.

Linked In Award: Nidhi Thakar

For embracing the value of PNUCC and our motto of bringing the power of good ideas together since you joined the Board! You are inquisitive, thoughtful, and provide strategic input helping to drive the PNUCC Agenda in 2021. With your attitude of service, you quickly realized how to leverage the PNUCC organization to connect members and shape the dialogue to be more productive and successful.

Human Connection Award: Paul Dockery

For your clever approach to maintaining a human connection with your staff. Your innovative podcast provided them a link with each other, helping them grow and stay current on industry happenings during the pandemic. Now it is branching out and benefiting hundreds of others. You’ve built such a strong following and support for “Public Power Underground”. It’s gone regional in a partnership with Newsdata! Thanks for sharing your creative and insightful way to connect.

PermaLink Award: Jason Thackston    

In appreciation of your dedication and commitment to your responsibilities at PNUCC. As one of our most permanent fixtures, you are a stable component of the PNUCC Board and direct link to our success. You are someone we count on to be there. You willingly and readily manage the details behind the scenes year-to-year, and regularly provide balanced, solid advice when needed. In addition to your general Board member duties, you have a solid grip on our financial state and continue to provide us a durable approach to the PNUCC budget.